Repair of cameras, lenses, and power packs

As a professional photographer or passionate enthusiast, your photo equipment undergoes intensive use. Cameras and lenses, like any other electronic devices, experience wear and potential issues over the years, leading to damage or the need for repairs.

At 50.8 Shop, we offer camera repair services. Whether under warranty or not, purchased from us or not, we analyze the issue with you and seek the most suitable solution.

Collaborating with professional repair technicians and specialized camera repair manufacturers in Belgium and the Netherlands, we cover a wide range of damages, always finding a solution to fix your camera or lens.

Whether for financial, sentimental reasons, or the unavailability of your current camera in the market, repairing your camera or lens is the ideal solution.

Get my camera repaired

Camera Repair
Camera Repair

Prolonging the lifespan of your photo equipment

Whether your camera lens needs a specific repair, your camera is experiencing issues, or your power pack requires intervention, we are here to help.

Our photo repair team is trained to diagnose and address various concerns, be it mechanical failures or electronic issues. Our goal is to breathe new life into your favorite photo equipment, so you don’t have to part with them or spend significant amounts. Enjoy our personalized, reliable, and fast service.

Camera repair

Has your camera suffered damage due to intensive use, natural wear, or an accident? Investing in a new camera can be a significant and complicated expense, especially if you have a special connection with this camera that is no longer available on the market.

Opting for the repair of your camera gives you the opportunity to restore its optimal capacity, preserving your favorite device. Choose repair as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new camera. This way, you can continue using the camera you know and love.

Our camera repair service provides you with the chance to give a second life to your favorite camera, lens, or flash through our specialized repair professionals. Whether you are an individual or a professional, we take care of repairing your camera, to the extent possible, to ensure you have equipment in perfect working condition.

Repair my camera

Camera Repair
Camera Lens Repair

Camera lens repair

Broken lens mount, fungal growth inside the lens, or scratched lenses? Here are the most commonly performed camera lens repairs.

Wear and tear from use, mishandling, or improper maintenance can damage or break your camera lens. Opting for professional lens repair is an ideal solution: it requires a lower budget and allows you to keep the equipment you know and appreciate.

During our lens repair process, we provide meticulous expertise to restore its optimal functionality, ensuring long-lasting results and preserving the quality of your shots.

Repair my camera lens

Flash, generator, and monobloc repairs

Faced with the natural wear and tear of flashes and monoblocs, they may end up damaged. Repairing your lighting equipment (flash, generator, and monobloc) allows you to keep your favorite photo gear after intensive use or an on-set accident. We ensure the durability and continuous performance of your photographic equipment.

Our expertise extends to a variety of repairs for lighting equipment such as monoblocs and generators. Feel free to contact us now.

During the repair process, our goal is to identify specific issues, providing you with a personalized solution to restore the optimal performance of your flash in collaboration with our certified repair professionals.

Repairs for flashes, monoblocs, and generators are carried out in-house whenever possible, especially when it involves bulb replacement. For more technical repairs, the equipment is entrusted to our expert repair specialists in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Repair my flash

Lighting Equipment Repair
Lighting Equipment Repair
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