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Are you in search of a storage case for your cameras, lenses, and photo accessories? Look no further.

Whether you’re looking for a waterproof camera case, a sturdy transport case, or a wheeled camera case, we have the solution tailored to your needs. We design custom camera cases specifically for your photo equipment, featuring a customized foam insert ensuring a perfect fit.

With a 100% custom camera storage case, protect your camera and store it efficiently. Whether you already have a photographer’s case or are looking for a new one, we create a custom foam insert according to your photo equipment for optimal storage and protection. If you don’t have a camera case yet, you can choose from our wide selection of storage cases that best suit your needs.

The custom photographer’s case, perfectly tailored to your photo equipment, is a must-have for all photography professionals as well as enthusiasts.

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protective camera case
camera storage case

Organization, protection, transport: the advantages of photographer’s cases

Choosing a case specifically dedicated to your camera and photographic equipment offers numerous practical advantages. Not only does it ensure optimal protection against shocks, vibrations, and external elements, but it also allows you to organize your cameras, lenses, and accessories, making your movements more convenient.

A case tailored to your camera provides great mobility, especially with wheeled cases, ideal for air travel and other professional trips.

If you regularly work outdoors, opt for a waterproof case, resistant to dust and the elements, ensuring reliable protection regardless of the shooting location.

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Foam inserts are the ideal solution to tailor your photographer’s case or suitcase to your specific equipment.

Custom Waterproof Case

The custom storage case designed for your camera and other photographic equipment is both waterproof and robust, providing optimal protection for your gear in all conditions and facilitating its transport.

Foam inserts are the ideal solution to tailor your photographer’s case or suitcase to your specific equipment. They fit into any existing case, saving you the need to invest in a storage case dedicated to your photographic gear, as we design it specifically for you.

Customized Case with High-Quality Foam Insert

For a quality outcome in your transport and storage cases, we use 100% Belgian high-density foam with a smooth and soft touch. We machine it using CNC milling to ensure a perfect fit for your photographic equipment. The case inserts are crafted directly in our store. A technical, precise, and fast process allows you to enjoy your custom camera storage case as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a waterproof camera case with a custom foam insert is the ideal solution for organizing, protecting, and transporting your photographic gear.

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Custom Foam Insert
Custom Foam Insert
Contact us to discuss the storage and transport case that perfectly suits your photographer's needs and find the solution that fits your photo equipment.

How it works?

  1. Contact us below and let us know what type of photographer’s case you need. Specify the type of photo equipment you want to protect, the number of cases you need, the model of your current case (if applicable), as well as details like whether you are left-handed or right-handed, and any other specific information.
  2. Based on your request, we may schedule a meeting at the 50.8 Shop to take measurements of the photo equipment (camera, lenses, etc.) that we don’t have in our database yet, to accurately tailor the foam insert to your photographic gear and the storage case.
  3. A drawing of the camera storage case will be sent to you to confirm that the layout meets your needs before moving into production.
  4. We machine your custom foam insert within two weeks. The foam insert is created to fit your photo equipment and the previously selected storage case.
  5. Your waterproof camera case is ready! Visit the store to pick up your case and safely enjoy your beloved photo gear!

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