Custom foam insert


100% Custom-made

You want to provide the ultimate protection for your photo gear, but you never found the perfect case ?

At 50.8 Shop we got you covered. Whether you have an existing case or are looking for a brand new one, we offer you the ability to create a 100% custom-made foam insert that gonna perfectly fit your equipment.

Endless possibilities

For your brand new camera, your beloved view-camera or anything else !

Made at 50.8 Shop

From designing to assembly, everything is done in house at 50.8 Shop.

For the best result, we use a 100% Belgium’ made high density foam with a smooth and soft touch. That we process using CNC milling to ensure a perfect fit for your photo gear.


How do we proceed ?

  1. Contact-us below and express us your wishes. What type of gear you want to protect, how many cases you need. If you have an existing case which model it-is. Are you right or left handed. Any special info…
  2. Depending your request we will eventually schedule an appointment at 50.8 Shop to proceed objects measurements that we don’t have in our database yet.
  3. A drawing of your case will be sent to you to confirm this is your dream case before moving into production.
  4. We machine your custom foam insert within two weeks.
  5. Your case is ready !Pass by 50.8 shop to pick-up your case and just enjoy your beloved equipment in a safe manner !