Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and earn up to 6% every time someone buys a camera, lens or photo equipment that you share on your social network.

Share and earn

Share your favorite products through affiliate links and earn commissions. Access to a private dashboard and keep track of all the sales you’ve generated, including the commission you’ve earned.

Affiliate ProgramNo CODE — There’s no need to ask your followers to type a code, they simply need to enter via your affiliate link. Spread the word by sharing your link to our homepage or create a direct link  – to a product or a specific page – by using your dashboard.


Affiliate ProgramGenerate more sales — When a visitor visit our website first via your affiliate link, if he come back within 30 days to make a purchase, we can trace it back to you, and you’ll still earn the commission for that sale.


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Your own dashboard

As a 50.8 Shop affiliate, you can use your dashboard to get an overview of leads (visits, clicks, etc.) and for sure the commissions generated.

Explore your personalised dashboard for a complete overview:

  • Commissions: Track your total earnings and analyse generated visits to understand your followers’ interests
  • Visits: See when your follower visit your affiliate links, and get the date and origin. You can also check if a purchase has been made or not.
  • Coupons: Manage coupons assigned to you for sharing with your subscribers.
  • Payments: Keep an eye on your credit balance and request commission payments at your convenience.
  • Link Generator: Get your referral link for sharing. You also have the option to generate referral links for specific pages of your preference.


Join the program

Already an affiliate? Login here.


Who is eligible for 50.8's affiliate program?

We welcome any creative or publisher to apply.

What are the commission percentages?

Depending of the product category, commission can go from 1.5% up to 6%!

How commissions are calculated?

The commission percentage is applied to the total order price, excluding VAT, delivery fees and any discounts.

What payout options are available?

If you are in a position to issue a legal invoice, commissions can be paid by bank transfer. Otherwise, they will only be paid in the form of a discount when you make a purchase on our site.

When a commissions can be paid?

Commissions are considered payable 30 days after the order, once the legal return period is over.

What if the order is returned?

Returned orders are reimbursed to the customer, the sale being cancelled, no commission can be retained.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

There is a 50€ minimum payout threshold.

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