Photo equipment maintenance and repairs

Continue to use your photographic equipment for years with regular maintenance or repair by a certified technician. Cameras and lenses, like any other electronic equipment, undergo wear and tear over time, leading to potential issues that may result in damage or the need for repairs.

Performing maintenance and cleaning on your camera ensures its longevity and optimal performance. In the case of malfunctions due to wear or unexpected incidents, camera, lens, and flash repair services are also available.

Maintenance And Repairs
Camera Lens Repair

Camera and flash maintenance

Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your camera through regular maintenance. Dust, debris, and wear are inevitable, regardless of how well you care for your photographic equipment. Regular camera maintenance helps prevent issues related to wear. Removing dust and cleaning the sensor allows you to extend the lifespan of your photography gear. We handle the cleaning of your camera and replace parts if necessary.

Maintain My Camera

Camera cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning your camera is crucial to keep it in good condition, ensuring optimal results for both professional and amateur photo shoots. It also helps minimize the risk of wear and tear on your favorite photographic equipment. Our in-house maintenance is performed swiftly, thanks to the frequent availability of spare parts in stock, or it is carried out by our specialized technicians across Europe.

Perform Maintenance on My Camera

Lighting Equipment Repair
spare parts for cameras

Camera, lens, and flash repair

As a professional photographer or passionate amateur, you extensively use your photographic equipment. We handle the repair of your cameras, lenses, as well as flash generators and monoblocks. Quickly fix your camera or lens, whether it’s due to wear and tear or an accident, whenever possible. We prioritize durability and want you to enjoy your equipment for as long as possible.

Repair My Photography Equipment

Camera repair

Give your camera a second life through our repair services. Whether you’re experiencing issues with the shutter, damage to the camera sensor, a damaged LCD screen, or battery problems, contact us to discuss how we can repair your camera and restore it to optimal functionality.

Repair My Camera

Camera lens repair

Is your lens in need of cleaning due to the appearance of small dust particles on your sensor? Is the lens mount broken, or is there a fungal growth on your camera lens? Consider having your camera lens repaired by qualified technicians – opting for this practical solution means giving a second life to your favorite lens.

Repair My Camera Lens

Flash repair

Power failures, damages to the flash tube, and capacitor issues are among the most common problems you may encounter with your photographic lighting equipment. In collaboration with our certified technicians, we offer prompt and efficient repair services for your flashes, generators, and monoblocks. Ensure the optimal continuity of your photographic equipment.

Repair My Lighting Equipment

Spare Parts for camera
Camera Maintenance

Experienced camera repair technicians

Has your camera suffered damage from an accident? Investing in a new camera can be a substantial and complex expense, especially if you have a special connection with a camera that is no longer available in the market. Repair is the ideal solution: it requires a smaller budget and allows you to keep the photography equipment you know and appreciate.

Camera repairs can be handled, whether you made your purchase at 50.8 Shop or not, and whether the product is still under warranty or not. We collaborate with manufacturers and top technicians across Europe, selected for their expertise in each brand, to address a wide range of damages to your camera.

Repair My Camera

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