Camera maintenance

Use your camera year after year with regular maintenance. The upkeep and cleaning of your camera and photographic equipment are essential to preserve the quality and functionality of your gear. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we take care of your camera or lens so that you can continue to enjoy it even after extensive use.

Not everyone wants to replace damaged equipment either due to budget constraints or because of a sentimental attachment to a camera that is no longer available in the market. That’s why we offer our customers, whenever possible, the maintenance of their camera and photographic equipment, whether it’s cleaning the camera sensor or replacing broken or damaged parts of a flash or camera.

We collaborate with manufacturers and top specialists in Belgium and the Netherlands. Flash maintenance and sensor cleaning are done in-house. In case there is a need to replace parts for your flash, we ensure prompt service thanks to the availability of these parts in our in-store stock.

We perform maintenance on your photographic equipment and clean your sensor, even if you haven’t purchased your photography gear from us. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere acquisition; we aim for you to fully enjoy your photographic equipment for as long as possible!

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Cleaning Of Camera Sensor
Cleaning Of Camera Sensor

Sensor cleaning

The sensor of your camera is the central element that determines the quality of the captured image. However, due to intensive use and frequent lens changes, the sensor can accumulate dust or debris, resulting in spots on your images. This build-up of small particles directly impacts the quality of the shots. Cleaning your camera, particularly its sensor, ensures sharp and optimal quality photos.

We perform cleaning and inspection of the sensor of your camera, regardless of its size: APS-C, full frame, or medium format. Preventing issues related to dust is essential to ensure the longevity of your photography equipment. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your camera enable you to keep it for a longer period while maintaining optimal quality.

Cleaning and maintaining a camera is a meticulous and complex process. Entrusting it to an experienced team will save you trouble, unnecessary costs, and time. Fully unleash the potential of your camera through regular maintenance.

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Spare parts

Natural wear and tear due to regular use can affect certain parts of your flash, camera, or other photographic equipment, necessitating the replacement of specific components. Additionally, accidents may occur, leading to the need for spare parts or replacements. Instead of rushing to purchase new photographic gear, entrust us with the replacement of the faulty part. If you are missing a piece, you can also find it with us.

Among the available spare parts for flashes and monoblocks, we have, among others: the pilot light, the flash tube, and fuses. Additionally, we offer glass domes, handles, power cords, or synchronization cables. We also provide spare parts for cameras, such as caps, lens hoods, and covers for your lens, along with other accessories.

We carefully select our spare parts to ensure perfect compatibility with your flash, camera, or other photographic equipment, ensuring maximum durability.

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Camera Maintenance
spare parts for cameras

Extend the life of your camera

Prolong the lifespan of your photographic equipment while preserving optimal performance through regular maintenance and the replacement of faulty parts.

Regular maintenance not only ensures sharp images but also helps prevent premature wear and tear on your camera and photographic gear. Keep your photography equipment for a longer duration by cleaning and replacing damaged parts before they lead to more significant issues. Regularly clean your camera and its lens, and be attentive to signs of malfunction to ensure a continuous and high-quality photographic experience.

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