Camera repair

Has your camera suffered damage due to natural wear or an accident? Investing in a new camera can be a significant expense, especially when sentimentally attached. Camera repair offers a budget-friendly solution, allowing you to keep your beloved equipment in top condition.

Our camera repair service ensures a like-new restoration, catering to both individuals and professionals.

We collaborate with top manufacturers and repair specialists across Europe, irrespective of where you made your purchase, and whether the product is under warranty or not.

Repair your camera with us

Camera Repair
Camera Repair

Repair, a sustainable and cost-effective option

Our mission with camera repair is to bring your favorite equipment back to a nearly new state. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional, we’re here to handle various repairs for your camera, where possible. Choose professional camera repair as a sustainable and economical alternative to buying a new camera, allowing you to continue using the camera you know and love.

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Get your camera repaired by experts to give it a second life.

Most common camera repairs

Whether your camera has endured the pitfalls of a bad fall, intensive use, or simply the effects of time, and you wish to have it repaired, you’re in the right place. In collaboration with our expert repair technicians, we handle a wide range of camera repairs. Contact us now, and together, we’ll conduct a thorough diagnosis of your camera, identifying specific issues that require special attention.

To give you an overview, here’s a summary of the most commonly addressed camera repairs.

Shutter malfunctions: The camera shutter mechanism may develop issues over time, such as sticking, slow shutter speeds, or complete failure. Camera shutter repairs may involve minor adjustments or a complete replacement, depending on the extent of the problem.

Sensor damage: The camera’s image sensor is sensitive and susceptible to scratches or damage from impacts. Sensor damage often leads to visible spots or lines in images. Depending on the situation, the sensor can be cleaned using specialized tools, repaired, or replaced with a new sensor.

LCD screen damage: Accidental impacts or rough handling can result in cracked or faulty LCD screens. Depending on the severity of the damage, our camera repair service includes the option to repair or replace the defective screen. Our specialists are here to address your camera screen repair needs, ensuring a solution tailored to the situation.

Battery or power issues: Power-related issues in your camera, such as a faulty battery or charging problems, can hinder its performance. Troubleshooting power-related problems involves examining the battery, charger, or power circuits for defects. Camera battery repair is handled by specialists.

General wear and tear: Regular use of cameras can lead to the wear and tear of various components. This includes buttons, dials, rubber grips, or loose connections. Repairs related to general wear and tear typically involve replacing the affected parts or making adjustments to restore functionality.

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Camera Repair
Fujifilm X X100vi Black

Other repair services

Lighting Equipment Repair
No more power cut

Monobloc, generator, and flash repair

Revive your lighting gear with our repair services for monoblocs, generators, and flashes. Save costs, extend equipment lifespan, and ensure sustainable photography.

Our team diagnoses and solves issues, maximizing your investment and keeping your gear in top condition.

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repair of a camera lens
Give a second life to your lens

Camera lens repair

Explore our camera lens repair service for a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Our experts address common issues like cleaning, lens mount repairs, fungus removal, and scratches.

Trust us to restore your lens, maintaining its original state and delivering high-quality results.

Repair my lens
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