CRDBAG is a Swedish start-up that specializes in creating storage solutions for filmmakers and photographers.

They launched in 2021 a high-quality camera accessories pouches that were a big success.
But it wasn’t perfect, and the CRDBAG team listened to numerous customer feedbacks and went back to the drawing board to improve their product to release the CRDPOUCH MKII. The idea behind the MKII was to “raise the bar for the standard of sub-packing equipment once more,” according to the company.


Let’s get organized

Saving valuable time on set providing easy access and durable protection. With innovative design and endless labeling options, CRDPOUCH MKII is the perfect solution for storing and protecting film production gear.


Misc Patches 01

Embroidered velcro patches made for CRDPOUCH MKII

  • Quick and easy identification
  • Professional high-quality embroidery
  • Fast and secure attachment
  • Color-coded for your workflow
Misc Patches 01

18 miscellaneous embroidered velcro hook patches made for CRDPOUCH MKII.


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