Crdbag Organizer Bag Medium
Crdbag Organizer Bag Medium

Organizer Bag Medium CRDBAG

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Introducing a set of intelligently designed bags available in four different sizes, the CRDPOUCH is the ultimate solution for sub-packing and storing camera equipment. With a focus on keeping your gear well-organized, saving time during packing and unpacking, and preventing wear and tear. This modern classic offers the very best materials and trim assembled into a seamless exterior. Embrace a new way of organizing your camera gear with the CRDPOUCH.

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|SKU : CRD_POUCH_M|EAN : 7350129610028
Materials900D Nylon, e-Hypalon, Recyclable TPU/ mesh film, YKK Aquaguard Zipper & HK sling hook.

Dimensions18.5 X 27 X 0.5 cm
Weight115 g
Box content
  • 4 tailles différentes
  • Bande velcro (NOUVEAU)
  • Sangle Pals au dos (NOUVEAU)
  • Etiquette latérale personnalisée (NOUVEAU)
  • Fenêtre transparente pour les étiquettes
  • Filet transparent à l’avant (NOUVEAU)
  • Fermeture éclair YKK résistante aux intempéries
  • Poche organizer intérieure zippée
  • Poche Apple AirTag personnalisée
  • Crochet tactique
Crdbag Organizer Bag Medium
Organizer Bag Medium
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