Photography equipment rental service

Explore our photography equipment rental service: 50.8 Rentals, which provides the opportunity to rent cameras, flashes, and other photography accessories. The photo equipment rental extends beyond our studios, giving you the flexibility to have the necessary photography gear both within and outside our facilities.

We offer a wide selection of photography equipment for rent. We have cameras, flashes, lights, photo accessories, and tripods. Everything you need for your professional projects and photo shoots is available for rental.

Among the available brands of cameras for rent, you will find renowned names such as Fujifilm GFX, Hasselblad, Broncolor, Profoto, Manfrotto, Avenger, and many more. Explore our list of cameras for rent along with all the photography equipment available at 50.8 Rentals. We guarantee the availability of reliable and high-performance gear.

Renting a camera or photography equipment allows you to assess if it meets your needs. If you later decide to purchase the rented camera or photography gear from our store, the cost of the first day’s rental for the camera or equipment you bought will be refunded to you!

Whether you are a professional looking to test different camera models or an enthusiast in search of a temporary solution, our photography equipment rental service is perfect for you.

Rent photo equipement

Photography Equipment Rental Service
lighting and flash equipment rental
Discover our wide selection of cameras, flashes and other photographic accessories available for rental.

Camera rental

Explore our selection of cameras available for rent. Choose flexibility by renting medium format cameras for projects requiring superior quality in terms of color or file size. This rental option provides a practical and affordable solution.

Camera rental also gives you the opportunity to explore and test different cameras before making a purchase decision. Take advantage of the flexibility of camera rental to refine your preferences before making a final choice.

Renting a camera

Photography lens rental

Need a specific camera lens to meet the demands of a unique situation? Rent a suitable camera lens with 50.8 Rentals. Whether it’s for close-ups, portraits, or landscapes, our extensive range of rental lenses allows you to choose the one that aligns with the requirements of your project. Explore our available range of rental lenses and ensure you have the perfect tool to bring your creative visions to life.

By renting camera lenses, you can explore and discover the lens that best suits your style, preferences, and the specific needs of your projects. Renting allows you to test the lens in real conditions before making a permanent investment.

Rent the ideal camera lens

Profoto lighting and flash equipment rental
Hasselblad X2D camera equipment rental

Lighting and flash rental

Opt for lighting and flash rental for your photo and video shoots. A diverse range of lighting equipment for rent, including professional flashes and continuous lighting systems suitable for all situations, is available for rental.

Whether it’s for studio sessions, outdoor events, or specific creative projects, you’ll find in our list of lighting equipment for rent the flash or continuous light that suits your project. Rental also provides you the opportunity to test it before committing and taking action by purchasing lighting equipment.

Rent my lighting equipment

Camera tripod rental

Explore our extensive catalog of stands and tripods available for rent, a practical solution to stabilize your shots and bring a new dimension to your photographic projects. Our list of camera tripods includes a variety of robust and reliable options to suit all photographic situations.

We offer rental options with well-known brands in the market such as Manfrotto and Avenger. Whether you’re working in the studio, outdoors, or on the go, renting camera stands and tripods provides the flexibility needed to ensure sharp and well-composed images.

Rent a tripod

Rent accessories for equipment and cameras

Need to rent a smoke machine, a green screen, or a wind machine for a special project? Need accessories for your camera or other photographic equipment? Find all types of photo accessories available for rent for your various shoots. Whether you’re working on a photographic, cinematographic, or artistic project, we offer a variety of photo accessories for rent.

When renting our studios, you no longer need to worry about transporting or managing all the photographic equipment because we provide the rental of all necessary accessories directly in our studio. Whether it’s accessories for your camera or lighting, or a special machine for a particular project, explore the complete list of essential photo accessories available for rent for the photographer and their team.

Discover all photo accessories

Photography Equipment Rental Service
lighting and flash equipment rental
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