Has existed since 1999. In the sailmaker’s workshop, heavy fabrics are processed into sails (mainly flat-bottomed), butterfly bags, scrim bags and sandbags to make tripods on film sets heavier.

Dikdoek stands for thick cloth. The label Dikdoek guarantees fabric that lasts a long time, usually reinforced PVC, or heavy cotton, bright colours, firmness, robustness and a connection with a maritime background.

All bags are manufactured in our own workshop.



The Dikdoek Sandbags have been supplied to many production companies, studios, photographers, gaffers since the 1990s.

The sandbag has sand sewn up in the bag,  reinforced PVC, which lasts a long time.

The sandbag has two handles, one for brushing the sack, and one for spreading the sack. This allows the bag to be removed from the tripod with one hand and the bags can be easily stacked.

Scrimbags & Butterflybags

In recent years, various covers have been made, such as butterfly bags, scrim bags, tripod covers, dolly bags, pallet covers, and machine covers.

This is always custom work. Wishes with regard to cloth type, colour, finish with Velcro, elastic rings, band and the like are always carefully considered. It is also possible to apply lettering/logos.



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