Bron Elektronik AG, founded in 1958, with its well-known Broncolor brand, has developed over the past half-century into a “global player” in the international market for professional lighting systems.

The challenge of consistently meeting your needs and repeatedly surprising you with innovations is their motivation – and light their passion.

Their goal is to produce State of the Art products, housing in a corporate and modern design including broncolor’s technological innovations and guaranteeing an unbeatable quality standard. This is also what you expect from them in your daily work in the studio or on location.


Light is our passion

Broncolor offers a large product portfolio allowing full flexibility over the rendering of your images.Whether you need power for automotive photography or precision for product photography, Broncolor has what you need.

Control the light precisely using the wide range of light shapers and accessories.


Power Packs, Lamps & Monolights

Powerful, robust and long-lasting – The Power Packs, lamps and monolights from Broncolor are the ideal solution for intensive shootings in studio or on location.

Unleash your potential in photography with the unmatched power and precision of the Scoro S and the unilite, broncolor’s most compact standard lamp or the Picolite, designed to give you absolute control over the light – especially for small set ups and objects.

Use the Move on location, capable of illuminating your largest sets and achieves outstanding results when attempting to overpower the sun.

Compact light for studio and on-location photography. Siros is the high quality, flexible light solution for professionals

Broncolor opens up a world of unlimited creativity and efficiency.


Light Shapers – Be in control

Control the light precisely using the wide range of light shapers and accessories.
There are no limits in terms of size and light styles available to you.

Broncolor Flooter

Having a large Fresnel lens, the broncolor Flooter is the classic spotlight as known from cinematic photography. Mood and atmosphere are brought into a scene by hard, dramatic lighting and the light angle can be adjusted with a crank handle in the range of 15° to 80°.


4429 Try before you buy Rent the Broncolor Flooter and get refund if you decide to buy it from us!
Broncolor P70 standard reflector

The ideal light shaper for every situation, it has a high light output and a homogenous light distribution. Its light angle is 70°. It can be combined with honeycomb grids, with 2 or 4 barn-doors, opal diffusers and colour filters.

Broncolor Octa 150

The Ultimate: The larger of the two Octaboxes. Light quality is similar to that of a rectangular Softbox of a similar size. But the octagonal form provides even more homogeneous illumination. Particularly in portrait and beauty photography the rounded reflections in the eyes are preferred to those from rectangular Softboxes.



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