INSTAX Camera: Unique Corporate Gift Idea

Explore our extensive range of corporate gift ideas featuring the renowned INSTAX brand. Our selection includes a variety of cameras and printers, from the classic INSTAX Mini 12 to the stylish INSTAX Square Link and the latest trendy item, the INSTAX Pal. Choose the INSTAX product that perfectly suits your employees and reflects your company’s identity.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of INSTAX imaging and provide your employees with a unique and trendy corporate gift. Transform the tradition of corporate gifts into a fun and memorable experience with INSTAX gift sets. Offer more than just an object; provide a unique visual experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Discover INSTAX corporate gifts

Corporate gifts with INSTAX cameras and printers
original corporate gift ideas

Looking for trendy and personalized corporate gift ideas?

Look no further—say hello to INSTAX cameras, a unique and original corporate gift for your team!

With 50.8 Shop, you can offer the perfect corporate gift to your employees and clients. With a wide range of Instax camera and printer models, you can choose the customized option that suits your brand and budget.

An Instax camera or printer is the ideal corporate gift for photography enthusiasts, memory lovers, and social media enthusiasts. It’s a gift idea that will delight all your employees.

Perfect for any occasion, an Instax camera is always a great idea. Whether for year-end celebrations, a client gift, or just to show appreciation to your employees, an Instax camera allows you to capture those moments.

Discover an original corporate gift idea with INSTAX.

An original gift box at your fingertips

We ensure a straightforward and hassle-free ordering process, with timely delivery of your Instax gift boxes. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, ensuring that your year-end corporate gifting experience goes smoothly and pleasantly.

We understand the importance of corporate gifts in any company’s culture and their impact on staff motivation. That’s why we simplify the process for you. Just place an order for the gift boxes you need from our selection of INSTAX gift ideas. We take care of the rest, from preparing the gift boxes to their delivery. All you have to do is receive the boxes and present them to your employees and partners.

Let us take you on a unique visual journey where every moment becomes an unforgettable memory.

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gift box ideas for business gifts
Corporate gifts with INSTAX cameras and printers

7 different gift boxes

Download our catalog and explore the various gift box options that await you.

Surprise your team with a trendy corporate gift. Choose the one that best suits your clients or employees and amaze them in a unique way.

Whether it’s celebrating your team’s achievements, marking the year-end holidays, or acknowledging your employees’ loyalty, an Instax corporate gift is always a great idea. Opt for options such as the Instax Mini 12, printers, or the Instax Pal.

Explore all our available choices and select the one that best fits your company’s identity. If you’re looking for something even more unique for your employees, check out our customizable gift options. For instance, you can add your company’s logo to the gift box, making the experience even more corporate and distinctive.

Let us help you make a lasting impression!

Explore the gift box options

Explore all our available choices and select the one that best fits your company’s identity.

Customizable gifts to please

Choosing Instax camera means offering an original and customizable gift that reflects your company’s image.

Every company is unique, just like the individuals within it. That’s why we offer customizable gifts designed to mirror your company’s identity. Create packaging as unique as you are and customize it according to your needs.

All packs come in a beautiful kraft paper bag that you can customize with a card to convey a message, or you can have the paper bag customized to match your company’s colors.

Add a touch of elegance to your INSTAX gift box with a magnet closure box. You can also customize it to reflect your brand for the ultimate WOW effect!

Anything is possible; elevate your gift to the next level!

Customize my gift box

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Ideal corporate gift for the holiday season

Make the year-end festivities a special occasion for your company. Offering an Instax x 50.8 Shop gift box to your employees is a unique and high-end gesture. Make a statement this year with Instax to strengthen engagement and loyalty among your team.

Choose an original and fun corporate gift that stands out from traditional year-end business gifts. An ideal gift for the holiday season, Instax cameras and printers are more than just a business gift; they embody authenticity, spontaneity, and creativity.

A customizable gift box with your company logo or a special message for your employees allows you to create unique memories that reflect the company’s spirit.

This holiday season, choose INSTAX for corporate gifts that transform every moment into a bright and warm memory.

Delight your employees to thank them for this year spent together.

Thank your employees with a trendy gift

Corporate gifts are not just thoughtful gestures, but they also constitute an investment in the well-being, satisfaction, and performance of your employees, contributing to a positive and productive work atmosphere. By offering corporate gifts, you demonstrate to your employees that they are appreciated and valued, which can boost their motivation and strengthen their commitment to the company.

Choosing customizable gifts that align with the culture and values of your company reinforces the identity and sense of belonging among your employees. This approach can also play a key role in attracting new talents and contribute to solidifying your company’s reputation in the market.

Thank my employees with a unique gift

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