Monobloc, generator, and flash repair

Photo generators or monobloc flashes, like any other electronic equipment, wear out over the years, and potential issues can arise, leading to damage or the need for repairs. Repair is the ideal solution: it requires a lower budget and allows you to keep the equipment you know and appreciate.

We offer the repair of your photo equipment, specifically monoblocs, generators, and flashes. We provide a quick and effective solution to revive your photographic gear.

Repair monobloc, generator, or flash

Lighting Equipment Repair
Lighting Equipment Repair

A specialized team in monobloc repair

Need to repair your monobloc or generator after mishandling during a photo shoot? You’re in the right place; we handle the repair of your photo and lighting equipment, ensuring precise and reliable interventions.

Whether to solve technical issues, enhance performance, or simply extend the lifespan of your monoblocs and flashes, we are committed to providing quality service.

Repair is handled either in-house or in collaboration with manufacturers and top experts across Europe, selected based on their expertise with each brand, to cover a wide range of damages.

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Extend the life of your flashes and monoblocs

Opt for repair to extend the lifespan of your monobloc, generator, and flash, maximizing your investment. This avoids higher costs associated with purchasing new equipment while adopting a sustainable approach. Repairing your photo equipment is an economical and sustainable solution, preserving the functionality and performance of your favorite photographic gear.

Extend the life of your photo equipment

Lighting Equipment Repair
Lighting Equipment Repair
Opting for repair means extending the life of your monobloc, generator and flash, maximizing your investment.

Common Repairs

Whether your monobloc has suffered an unfortunate fall, intensive use, or the effects of time, and you’re looking to have it repaired, you’ve come to the right place. In collaboration with our expert repair technicians, we handle a wide range of interventions. Feel free to contact us now. Together, we’ll conduct a thorough diagnosis of your monobloc, flash, or generator, precisely identifying specific issues that require special attention. We take care of various repairs for these lighting equipments.

Power failure: The power block may stop working due to a faulty power cord, damaged electrical components, or internal circuit problems. This can result in a complete loss of power or intermittent power supply to the monolight flash.

Flash tube damage: The flash tube is a crucial component that produces the intense burst of light in monolight flashes. It can be damaged due to mishandling, accidental falls, or excessive heat accumulation. A cracked or broken flash tube can lead to uneven lighting, flickering, or complete flash failure.

Capacitor issues: Monolight flashes use capacitors to store and discharge electrical energy for quick flash triggering. Over time, capacitors can degrade or malfunction, leading to inconsistent flash output, misfires, or an inability to charge properly. In such cases, capacitors may need to be replaced or repaired.

Sync or trigger problems: The sync port or wireless triggering system is responsible for synchronizing the flash with the camera shutter. Loose connections, damaged cables, or issues with the triggering mechanism can result in intermittent or non-functional flash triggering. Troubleshooting the sync port or triggering system may involve checking cables, contacts, or using alternative triggering methods.

Overheating and thermal protection: The continuous use of powerful flashes or operating them at high power settings for extended periods can lead to overheating. Monolights typically have built-in thermal protection mechanisms to prevent damage from excessive heat. If the device shuts off repeatedly due to overheating, it’s essential to let it cool down and adjust power settings accordingly.

Repair my lighting equipment

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