Inovativ Digisystem Pro Kit With Digibracket
Inovativ Digisystem Pro Kit With Digibracket
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DigiSystem Pro Kit with DigiBracket


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The Pro Kit offers a complete DigiSystems solution with the DigiPlate Pro at its core, ideal for creating your portable laptop tethering workstation. Versatile for both location and studio photography, it easily mounts onto rolling stands, C-Stands, Baby Pin Systems, or tripods, providing a compact and efficient workspace suitable for photographers, scriptwriters, data managers, network personnel, and more.

SKU : PK 0002 — EAN : 810132671869
Box content
  • 1 DigiPlate Pro
  • 2 DigiClamps (Laptop, Universal)
  • 1 DigiBracket

All your gear in one place

The DigiSystem offers a comprehensive solution for simplifying laptop workflows in a sleek, sturdy, and portable format. Featuring numerous mounting options and customizable accessories, the DigiSystem enables a tailored workflow that suits your individual requirements.

DigiSystem, the one-stop portable solution for laptop workflows.
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One System, endless Configurations

The DigiSystem offers versatile solutions across various professional fields. With a wide array of customizable accessories, you can tailor your laptop system to suit the specific demands of your workflow. Our modular approach allows you to select the components you need or opt for a pre-made kit for a seamless setup. Whether it’s a tabletop configuration for editing or a tripod for tethering, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, with options for on-the-go workflows, the DigiSystem can easily adapt to your travel needs and location requirements.

Inovativ Digisystem Pro Kit With Digibracket
DigiSystem Pro Kit with DigiBracket
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