Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
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DigiSystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit


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The 1535 Pro Ultra Kit is the ultimate portable and durable digital workstation, featuring the essential DigiSystem products. The kit includes the DigiPlate Pro for secure mounting of your laptop and accessories. The entire DigiPlate Pro assembly, along with the computer and accessories, can be conveniently placed inside the rugged and waterproof 1535 DigiCase Pro without disassembly. Simply place, close, snap, and you're ready to roll to your next location.

SKU : PUK-1535-01
CompatibilityCompatible with laptops up to 16 in.
MaterialConstructed of lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum
WaterproofingWatertight DigiCase Pro
Threaded HolesUp to 161 threaded holes for mounting digital accessories
IntegratedCarrying handle and cable management hole
Box content
  • 1x 1535 DigiCase Pro with TrekPak
  • 1x DigiPlate Pro
  • 2x DigiClamps – Laptop Universal
  • 2x DigiClamps – Accessory Universal
  • 1x DigiShade Pro
  • 1x DigiMouse Pad
  • 4x DigiLegs
  • 1x DigiBase

All your gear in one place

The DigiSystem offers a comprehensive solution for simplifying laptop workflows in a sleek, sturdy, and portable format. Featuring numerous mounting options and customizable accessories, the DigiSystem enables a tailored workflow that suits your individual requirements.

DigiSystem, the one-stop portable solution for laptop workflows.
Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit

Digi Components

Choose from a selection of accessories to customize your workflow, from harddrive clamps to quick release base plates.

Durable DigiCase Pro

The 1535 Digicase Pro offers rugged protection and consolidates the DigiSystem into a travel-ready case.

Industry-Standard Mounting Options

Industry-standard 5/8 in. Baby Pin and mid-sized professional tripod compatibility, users can easily integrate the DigiSystem into any production workflow.

One System, endless Configurations

The DigiSystem offers versatile solutions across various professional fields. With a wide array of customizable accessories, you can tailor your laptop system to suit the specific demands of your workflow. Our modular approach allows you to select the components you need or opt for a pre-made kit for a seamless setup. Whether it’s a tabletop configuration for editing or a tripod for tethering, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, with options for on-the-go workflows, the DigiSystem can easily adapt to your travel needs and location requirements.

Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
Inovativ Digisystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
DigiSystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kit
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