Broncolor Spot attachment

Broncolor Spot attachment
SKU: 1013364000

Project shapes, spots, patterns. For all areas, particularly advertising, fashion and portraiture.

For the projection of fine lines, graphical patterns, gobos, and slides on surfaces and objects.


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Broncolor Picolite

Thanks to its small, lightweight design, it is very handy and easy to use. Picolite is compatible with all broncolor power packs and includes several accessories (a fresnel spot, a grid system, a soft light source and even a projecting attachment) providing tremendous choice in different lighting characteristics.

1642 Try before you buy Rent the Broncolor Picolite and get refund if you decide to buy it from us!
Broncolor Para

Broncolor Para is the light system with the most variants. Whether as a powerful spot, a soft light cloud, with diffusers or honeycomb grids, for continuous lighting or flash operation – you precisely achieve the light you want. Always. Everywhere.

There are many modifiers on the market that claim to be ‘parabolic’ in shape, but very few of them actually are.

True parabolic lights produce a beautiful, sparkly light which is very flattering when it comes to skin tone and ideal for bringing out the detail in textures. The shape and reflective properties of the modifier allow for great control over the focus and contrast produced by the light — one of the main advantages of these modifiers.

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Broncolor Ringflash

Ringflash C is the on-camera flash head that creates semi-shadow contours, for still-life, fashion or food photography.

The Ringflash C is fully compatible with all broncolor power packs.

Broncolor Scoro 1600S

Ontketen uw potentieel in fotografie met de ongeëvenaarde kracht van de Scoro S. Op beide versies, 3200 J en 1600 J, kunt u maximaal drie lampen tegelijk aansluiten en hebt u de absolute vrijheid om elke lichtopbrengst afzonderlijk aan te passen.