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Portable Palm Turbo Air Duster VSGO

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Experience the unparalleled efficiency of the VSGO Portable Palm Turbo Air Duster, equipped with an industry-leading 100,000 rpm turbo motor designed to effectively eliminate dust from cameras and lenses. Its unique ability to generate wind speeds of up to 120 km/h and provide an impressive dust removal capacity of 4.2 kpa ensures optimal cleaning performance. With convenient features like the detachable linear flat nozzle and soft bristles doubling the efficiency of the dust removal process, this air duster offers unmatched convenience for photographers and tech enthusiasts alike.

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DimensionsPortable and small, only 4.5 inches high
Turbo Motor100000 rpm
Wind Speed120 km/h
Dust Removal Capacity4.2kpa
Battery1200 mAh battery
Battery Life60-minute
ChargingUSB type-c charging
LightingLED lighting with brightness up to 36LUX.
FilterChangeable air purification filter, filters 99.97% dust and pollen
Box content
  • 1 Portable Palm Turbo Air Duster
  • 1 Exchangable air filter
  • 1 Type-c charge cable
  • 1 Brush head
Vsgo Portable Palm Turbo Air Duster
Portable Palm Turbo Air Duster
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