Profoto Pro D3 750 W
Profoto Pro D3 750 W
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Pro-D3 750W Profoto

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The Pro-D3 is designed to be a relentless work horse, equipped with high-grade components through and through. With an impressive 11 f-stop flash power adjustment
range and 0.1 f-stop precision, the Profoto Pro-D3 ensures unparalleled versatility, catering to the power-intensive and durability needs of high-volume shooting.
The monolight Pro-D3 introduces three distinct flash modes to ensure unmatched lifetime economy as well as providing options for specific use cases. In default ECO mode, flash parameters are optimized for color consistency and maximized equipment lifetime.

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Max Energy750W
Energy Range 11 f-stops (0.8-750 Ws)
Recycling Time 0.01-0.5s
Flash duration t0.1 (Normal/ECO mode)1/600s (750 Ws) - 1/5 500s (0.8 Ws)
Flash duration t0.1 (Freeze mode)1/600s (750 Ws) - 1/15 900s (0.8 Ws)
Flash duration t0.5 (Normal/ECO mode)1/1 900s (750 ws) - 1/7 000s (0.8 Ws)
Flash duration t0.5 (Freeze mode)1/1 900s (750 Ws) - 1/75 000s (0.8 Ws)
Lamp TypeLED 6300 lm
Built-in connectivity Profoto AirX
Supported Air FunctionsSync, TTL, HSS, Remote control (Air 1 and Air 2)
The PRO-D3 is built with top-quality, state-of-the-art components. It is one of the most reliable and consistent flash units on the market.

Profoto Pro-D3

Profoto’s Pro-D3 is an industrial-grade flash designed for continuous operation in high-volume production environments. Profoto’s new flash stands out for its power, available in 750W or 1250W. Its predecessor, the D2, is available in 500W or 1000W, while the B10X Plus is limited to 500W. This monobloc flash also stands out for its higher flash speed. Its flash duration is 1/75,000. sec (P:0.1 – t0.5 – Freeze mode) and its recycling time is ultra-fast (230V/50hz: 0.01 – 0.5s ). The Pro-D3 compact torch has been completely redesigned. It features a stronger quartz flash tube and a powerful COB LED light equivalent to a 400 W halogen lamp. The Pro-D3 also has a new default mode, ECO. The new ECO mode optimizes color temperature consistency and maximizes equipment life.

Profoto Pro D3
Profoto Pro D3
Profoto Pro D3 750 W
Pro-D3 750W
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