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Super Clamp without Stud includes 035WDG Wedge


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Thoughtfully crafted and dependable even in demanding situations, the Super Clamp is truly ideal for professionals seeking a versatile, top-tier clamp of superior quality for various applications to enhance their grip gear arsenal. Not only does it facilitate swift and effortless equipment mounting, but it also boasts an indispensable TÜV safety certification, ensuring both high performance and complete security.

SKU : 035 — EAN : 8024221012040
Weight0.43 kg
Payload15 kg
Attachment 0116mm Hexgon Socket [Super Clamp AR]
Clamp Range - Max. (Round Tube)55 mm
Clamp Range Min Round Tube13 mm
MaterialAluminium, Steel
Unlock limitless creativity and security with the versatile Super Clamp

There’s a reason we call it a Super Clamp! This multipurpose clamp can hold onto just about anything, including round and square surfaces ranging from 1.3cm to 5cm. This opens up a whole world of creative possibilities, from attaching poles, posts, tripod legs, doors, table tops and beams. With just a few simple movements you can also mount cameras, lights, friction arms, hooks, shelves, plate glass and just about anything in between! And it’s heavy-lifting, this clamp can support up 15Kg with ease.

Attaching your gear is fuss free, and once it’s hooked up it’s completely secure. The clamp’s jaws complete with rubber grip are made to hold tightly onto any equipment and prevent slipping, meaning you don’t need to compromise on where to place your equipment.

The hexagonal socket supports the full range of both round and hexagonal accessories available from Manfrotto and prevents your accessory from rotating unintentionally. The additional safety lock provides you with a secure fixing for your photography or video accessories so you can rest assured in the safety of your gear. Other mounting options include M5 & 1/4” threads for limitless mounting options. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight, so you’ll barely notice it in your bag as you travel from place to place. It also comes complete with a rubber wedge to allow for mounting to flat surfaces.

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Manfrotto Super Clamp Without Stud Includes 035wdg Wedge
Super Clamp without Stud includes 035WDG Wedge
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