Inovativ Axis Digi Station
Inovativ Axis Digi Station
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AXIS Digi Station


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The AXIS Digi Station provides the flexibility you need, whether you frequently travel for work or require a more adaptable workstation setup. For traveling jobs, you can easily detach the accessory components from the AXIS Stand and attach them to a generic stand, taking advantage of the abundance of c-stands available on any production set. This seamless transition allows you to simplify your workflow and streamline your work-life.

SKU : AXD 0001 — EAN : 810132671739
AXIS Digi Station82.5 lb (37.5)
Max Height (w/wheels)90.53 in. (230 cm)
Min Height (w/wheels)72.86 in. (185 cm)
Footprint (w/wheels)38 In. (96.5 cm) Diameter
Max Height (w/o wheels)79.30 in. (230 cm)
Min Height (w/o wheels)61.63 in. (185 cm)
Top Stage Diameter1.385 in. (3.517 cm)
Middle Stage Diameter1.585 in. (4.025 cm)
Bottom Stage Diameter1.785 in. (4.533 cm)
Box content
  • AXIS Stand
  • AXIS Wheel System
  • AXIS Trough
  • AXIS Weight Hanger and Weight Bag
  • AXIS Digi Platform
  • Pro Monitor Moun

A modular approach to your workflow

AXIS is more than just a stand – it’s a modular system with endless possibilities. Build your ideal setup from the ground up by picking and choosing just the components that you need. Whether you need a simple monitor or light stand, or a complex command center with ample storage and workspace, AXIS can be customized to fit your specific needs. It’s perfect for teams that require flexibility and versatility, as you can clamp on as many or as few components as necessary. From camera operators and DITs to photographers and beyond, AXIS offers the perfect solution for any professional.

Inovativ Axis Digi Station
Inovativ Axis Digi Station

Height without compromise

The 2-Stage AXIS Stand provides a stable base for height adjustment up to 90 inches without compromising stability.

AXIS Wheel System

Our stand features 8 in. wheels that are carefully engineered to offset the center of gravity by 3 inches for superior balance.

Inovativ Axis Digi Station
AXIS Digi Station
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