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Pulso L 3200J Broncolor

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The Pulso L 3200J provides seamless bidirectional communication with Satos, allowing for effortless and direct adjustments of flash energy, color temperature, modeling light, Cognition light, and test triggering.

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Cognition Lights2
DisplayOLED display 1.69 inch
Flash energyUp to 3200 J of flash energy
Locking SystemFreehand bayonet locking system
CompatibilityCompatible with extensive broncolor light shaper range
Modelling LightBicolour LED modelling light
Continuous Light Continuous light 2800 to 6800 K
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Flash, continuous or mixed light

The Pulso L lamp serves as an ideal companion for Satos, ensuring optimal operating convenience with bidirectional communication between the lamp and power pack. All standard adjustments can be made directly on the lamp, seamlessly synchronized with the system in real-time. With a focus on enhancing everyday usability, experts have emphasized functions like switching between flash, continuous, or mixed modes, as well as facilitating communication links between all active components within the system.

Broncolor Pulso L 1600j

Bidirectional communication

The bidirectional communication between Satos and Pulso L provides unparalleled operating convenience: Essential settings can be directly adjusted on the lamp itself. Whether it's flash energy, color temperature, modeling light, Cognition light, or test triggering, everything can be controlled either on the lamp, via the power pack, or through the bronControl app. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of switching between the power pack and the lamp; now, all adjustments can be made intuitively using the lamp's encoder.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter

State of the art user interface

The modern and intuitive user interface has been meticulously developed with the guidance and expertise of user experience professionals, ensuring optimal usability and seamless interaction for all users.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter

Flash, continuous or mixed light

The high-quality protective glass with metal guide ring can be easily removed. For the homogeneity of the light, the protective glass is provided with a matt surface coating.

Broncolor Pulso L 1600j

High-quality protective glass

The Pulso L features an energy-efficient modeling light boasting a high color rendering index (CRI) typically rated at 97+, ensuring exceptional light quality and flicker-free operation. Equipped with a matrix of calibrated LEDs, it offers maintenance-free performance. The Pulso L can be utilized in both continuous light operation and as a modeling light for flash photography. In "continuous light" mode, users can select a color temperature ranging from 2800 to 6800K.

Broncolor Pulso L 1600j
Pulso L 3200J
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