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Picolite Accessory Kit


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Perfection is in the details. With its four sophisticated and complementing light shapers, the Picolite Accessory Kit allows you to unleash the full potential of your Picolite. These are classic light shapers, reduced in size that enable the highest precision and light control on even the smallest sets.

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Box content
  • 1 Attachment with 3 honeycomb grids and 2 aperture masks for Picolite
  • 1 Projection attachment for Picolite
  • 1 Picobox
  • 1 Fresnel spot attachment for Picolite
Unlimited lighting effects.

The kit opens up a realm of possibilities for lighting effects, offering the ability to create spot effects with various edge transfers, project intricate light patterns, and produce razor-sharp lines. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of perfectly even highlights on glossy surfaces and spotlights with adjustable light angles.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit

Projection attachment for Picolite

The Picolite projection attachment allows for precise projection of lines, patterns, and slides onto surfaces and objects. It produces sharply defined shadows with its narrow light angle. Included are a 10.0 cm (3.94 in) gobo diameter, mat protecting glass, gobo holder, 3 aperture masks, and 4 integrated templates for added versatility.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit

Fresnel spot attachment for Picolite

The Fresnel spot attachment for Picolite produces a focused spot-like illumination with sharp edge transfer, thanks to its Fresnel lens that maximizes light output by directing it towards the object. It features an adjustable light angle knob ranging from 15 to 35° and includes a protective mat glass. Ideal for small to mid-size setups, this attachment delivers collimated light for precise lighting control.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit


The Picobox is a compact modifier known for its ability to create uniform light on glossy surfaces without hot spots, offering photographers precise control over highlights in product and still life photography. With dimensions of 15 x 25 cm (5.9 x 9.8 in) and featuring an integrated spring lock, it is ideal for photographing beverages, jewelry, timepieces, and beauty products.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit

Attachment with 3 honeycomb grids and 2 aperture masks for Picolite

The attachment for Picolite, equipped with 3 honeycomb grids and 2 aperture masks, empowers you to produce spot effects on objects of any size. By combining grids with aperture masks, various light angles can be achieved, resulting in a beautiful and seamlessly graduated coverage.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit
Picolite Accessory Kit
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