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Para 88 Reflector


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The Para 88 reflector epitomizes unparalleled versatility and adaptability in lighting. It seamlessly transitions from crafting focused, large-area spots to producing soft, voluminous clouds of light, offering photographers a nearly limitless range of diverse lighting options.

SKU : 33.482.00 — EAN : 7640141593264
Powermax. 3200 J
F-stop f-stop at 2 m distance, focused: 90
f-stop at 10 m distance, focused: 22
Dimensions OpenØ 85 x 64 cm
Dimensions Closed Ø 20 x 83 cm
Weight2.8 kg
Box content
  • 4 Suspension cables for Para
  • 1 Flash Bag 2
  • 1 Mounting instructions
The Para's impressive qualities go beyond just its form and size; its unique light quality and extraordinary light output truly stand out.

Para stands out as an unconventional light shaping system, offering versatility and distinctiveness. Its design features various reflector sizes, with the lamp always centrally positioned along the reflector axis. The angle adjustment affects the light’s character, and the range includes diffusers with different densities and honeycomb grids. With Para, no other light shaper can match the vibrancy it brings to subjects, be it bodies, faces, or products.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter

Light quality

The light quality of the broncolor Para is legendary. No other light shaper creates such a vivid light and works out the texture of your objects so nicely - whether you shoot beauty, portraits, fashion or products.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter


Thanks to its perfect parabolic shape and the exclusive reflector material, Para 88 makes sure, that every single joule of your light (or all your light) arrives, where you want and need it.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter

Compact and easy set-up

Para 88 is an impressive eye catcher on set - but after the shooting it folds down easily and fits in a compact transportation case.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter

Unlimited compatibility

One light shaper, unlimited compatibility. All broncolor lights including Pulso G, Unilite, Siros S and L, MobiLED, LED F160 and HMI fit into your Para. With corresponding adapters, even competitive products can be used with Para 88.

Broncolor Para Family

With the broncolor Para family, every shooting is a success. Unbelievable light variability (soft cloud or spot-like), lightweight, compact and fully compatible with broncolor and third-party flash equipment – unlimited possibilities at the highest level.

Para 88

With less then 6 kg Para 88 is a lightweight with a super compact design. It is even more mobile – perfect for outdoor shootings and smaller studios. The patented opening mechanism provides the greatest ease-of-use combined with quick opening.

Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter
Broncolor Para 222 Kit Without Adapter
Broncolor Para 88 Reflector
Para 88 Reflector
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