Broncolor MobiLED

Broncolor MobiLED
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Meet broncolor’s compact and lightweight champion for on-location work: the MobiLED.

Paired with the Move L battery power pack, you will get a highly proficient dream team that lets you experience absolute freedom in mobility – anywhere.

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Broncolor Picolite

Thanks to its small, lightweight design, it is very handy and easy to use. Picolite is compatible with all broncolor power packs and includes several accessories (a fresnel spot, a grid system, a soft light source and even a projecting attachment) providing tremendous choice in different lighting characteristics.

1642 Try before you buy Rent the Broncolor Picolite and get refund if you decide to buy it from us!
Broncolor Spot attachment

Project shapes, spots, patterns. For all areas, particularly advertising, fashion and portraiture.

For the projection of fine lines, graphical patterns, gobos, and slides on surfaces and objects.

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit

Perfection is in the details. With its four sophisticated and complementing light shapers, the Picolite Accessory Kit allows you to unleash the full potential of your Picolite.

Broncolor Softbox 30 x 180 cm

The Strip Softbox: The Striplite among the textile Boxes is perfect for illuminating edges in product photography and as a hair-light in the portrait and fashion fields. Powerful backlights to emphasise contours are possible; narrow reflections can be created in glossy surfaces.