Broncolor Flooter

Broncolor Flooter
SKU: BRO3243100

Having a large Fresnel lens, the broncolor Flooter is the classic spotlight as known from cinematic photography. Mood and atmosphere are brought into a scene by hard, dramatic lighting and the light angle can be adjusted with a crank handle in the range of 15° to 80°.


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Broncolor Scoro 1600S

Ontketen uw potentieel in fotografie met de ongeëvenaarde kracht van de Scoro S. Op beide versies, 3200 J en 1600 J, kunt u maximaal drie lampen tegelijk aansluiten en hebt u de absolute vrijheid om elke lichtopbrengst afzonderlijk aan te passen.

Broncolor Satos 3200J

The new broncolor Satos power pack series offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of power and operation. Combined with the new broncolor Pulso L lamp, it offers the highest level of comfort and ease of use for professionals in the imaging industry.

The broncolor Satos offers up to full 3200 joules of flash energy. This enormous power can be distributed between one and three channels completely independent of each other, and the colour temperature, delay or a sequence function can be set individually for each channel.

Broncolor Umbrella white

This broncolor umbrella with white coating has a diameter of 105 cm. It gives you a soft, diffused light, your shadows are smooth. Ideal if you don’t want too much structure in your subject, for example on the skin. It can be used as main light or fill-in light, in portraits, stills, interiors, etc.

Broncolor Ringflash

Ringflash C is the on-camera flash head that creates semi-shadow contours, for still-life, fashion or food photography.

The Ringflash C is fully compatible with all broncolor power packs.