outdoor.case type 4000

outdoor.case type 4000
SKU: 4000/B/Y/O

Extremely rugged, dustproof, waterproof, temperature-stable, stackable. Available in black or yellow.


Inner dimensions: 385 x 265 x 165 mm
Outer dimensions: 420 x 325 x 180 mm
Weight: 2.3 Kg
Volume: 16.6 L

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outdoor.case type 6600

The type 6600 is THE convertible outdoor case that can be used in any situation and for any need. Whether carrying, pulling, or wearing on the back thanks to the practical B&W backpack system, the type 6600 specialized case can be transported in multiple ways, making it the perfect companion for any destination. The ultra sturdy, dustproof, and waterproof shell means this case is indestructible and reliably protects valuable technology and other accessories. This has been proven in multiple independent tests that have certified in the type 6600 numerous times.


Inner dimensions: 500 x 285 x 185 mm
Outer dimensions: 550 x 350 x 225 mm
Weight: 5.3 Kg
Volume: 26.0

Starting 229.99
outdoor.case type 5000

Extremely rugged, dustproof, waterproof, temperature-stable, stackable. Available in black, orange or yellow.


Inner dimensions: 430 x 300 x 170 mm
Outer dimensions: 470 x 365 x 190 mm
Weight: 2.9 Kg
Volume: 22.1 L

Starting 154.99
outdoor.case type 3000

Extremely rugged, dustproof, waterproof, temperature-stable, stackable. Available in black, yellow or orange.


Inner dimensions : 330 x 235 x 150 mm
Outer dimensions : 365 x 295 x 170 mm
Weight: 1.7 Kg
Volume: 11.71 L

Starting 99.99
outdoor.case type 7300

Mobile protection of high-value, sensitive, safety-relevant and expensive instruments, devices and tools. From special transport requirements to niche challenges to lifestyle. Proven in heat and cold, dust and constant rain, mud, improper transport, falling and impact. Ready for any challenge.

Type 7300 allow flexibility in packing and transport. Sensitive instruments are secured with custom foam inlays or flexible standard foams. Protected from drops and slips. The robust outer shell withstands all influences such as dust, heat or water. Certified in several areas, safe transport by air, sea or land is guaranteed.


Inner dimensions: 1080 x 430 x 310 mm
Outer dimensions: 1150 x 500 x 330 mm
Weight: 10,7 Kg
Volume: 145 L

Starting 439.99