Leofoto Ranger LS-284CEX

Leofoto Ranger LS-284CEX

The Leofoto LS-284CEX, with a maximum working height of 146.5 cm, belongs to the medium-sized tripods in the Ranger series. Unique to this Ranger tripod is the leveling base, which makes the tripod ideal for panorama work and videographers. The folded length is 52 centimeters and the 284CEX weighs 1.3 kilograms. This Ranger tripod with leveling base has a load capacity of 10 kilograms. The tripod comes with a leveling base, a carrying bag, multitool and spikes.


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Leofoto Summit LM-404C

The Leofoto Summit series is designed for the larger, heavy cameras and lenses. The LM-404C is the tripod with the highest working height in this series. The maximum working height of the tripod is 180cm. The tripod is delivered without ball head. Without ball head it has a minimum height of only 10.5cm. Due to its thick legs, this tripod can easily carry camera combinations of up to 40kg. The LM-404C Summit tripod weighs no more than 2500 grams and is 63 cm long when folded. It comes with removable tripod plate and half-bowl for video of 100mm diameter, a carrying bag, spikes and multi-tool.

Leofoto Mr Q-serie LQ-365+LH-47

The Leofoto LQ-365C carbon tripod is part of the versatile Leofoto Mr.Q tripod series. The LQ-365C has five leg sections and when using the removable center column it reaches a maximum working height of 193cm. In contrast, the minimum working height of this tripod is only 19cm, which is fine for working low to the ground. Despite its light weight of only 1.65 kilograms, it has a carrying capacity of 15 kilograms. The LQ-365C tripod comes with an LH-47 ball head, a multifunctional center column and several useful accessories.

Leofoto 4-way head FW-01R

The Leofoto FW-01R 4-way tripod head is suitable for easily adjusting the tilt of the camera with extreme precision. This lends itself perfectly to use for macro photography, still life photography and art photography. Two swivels and two panorama plates make the FW-01R a 4-axis tripod head. The two axes can be tilted and locked between -20° and 40°. The base plate and the Arca-Swiss platform can pan 360 degrees, so you can take pictures from any angle. The FW-01R is equipped with an Arca-Swiss compatible NP-60 quick release plate. The swivels can be folded up so that the FW-01R takes up less space in your bag during transport.

Leofoto Ranger LS-364C

The Leofoto LS-364C tripod has a maximum working height of 148 cm without the ball head. When folded, however, this tripod is only 54 centimeters and the minimum working height is 8 centimeters! Despite its light weight of only 1.77 kilograms, this Ranger has a load capacity of no less than 25 kilograms. The tripod comes with a carrying bag, multitool and spikes. A center column and ball head are available separately.