Inovativ AXIS WorkSurface Pro

Inovativ AXIS WorkSurface Pro
SKU: INOV-555-100

The WorkSurface Pro is a one-of-a-kind workstation. Coupled with our unique and Patent Pending vDrop System and in option for example with The WorkSurface Pro’s Drawer.


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Inovativ Axis Digi Station

If you own INOVATIV’s DigiCase Pro or the 1535 Pro Ultra Kit, you can combine it with the AXIS DigiStation for a more versatile and efficient workstation. The AXIS DigiStation comes with an AXIS Digi Platform that is an ideal setup for the DigiCase Pro or any flight case similar in size to a Pelican 1510 or 1535 Air Case.

Inovativ BOA Universal VESA Monitor Mount System

The BOA Universal VESA Monitor Mount System comes with a pre-tensioned articulated head, making it easy to move large monitors, or even large computers like the 27 In. iMac, to a proper ergonomic location.

Inovativ Pro DigiTech Kit

The Pro DigiTech Kit is a combination of our top tier DigiSystem products. The combination of DigiSystem products included in this kit allow for a multitude of different laptop workflows. Be compact or expand your system based on the demands of the job. Whatever it may be, the Pro DigiTech Kit gives you the ability to secure your most critical digital tools needed for the most demanding workflows in one ultra portable system.

Inovativ DigiCase Mount & Easy Release Plate For Pelican 1535

The DigiCase Mount will allow you to mount your DigiCase Pro or Compact to just about any stand or tripod. The DigiCase Mount is made from 6061 T6 aluminum which is both lightweight and extremely strong. The DigiCase Mount is secured to your case with 6 screws to ensure a tight and secure fit. The wide footprint of the DigiCase Mount along with the 6 securing screws gives a sturdy and strong base for your case to eliminate slop and flexing. The easy-release plate is setup to accept our DigiBase baby-pin adapter, a wide variety of tripod plates or any other piece of grip equipment with a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread.