Godox Pro Umbrella Reflector

Godox Pro Umbrella Reflector
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The Godox Pro Umbrella Reflector 110º 15CM is designed for both the Godox monolights and flash heads with a Bowens mount from other manufacturers. The reflector has a diameter of 15 centimeter which creates a light beam with a spread angle of 110 degrees.


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Godox H2400P

The Godox H2400P Flash Head is a 2400Ws powerful studio flash with a fast recycling times from 0.7 s. The Godox H2400P is Bowens Mount, so it can fit most of the accessories such as Bowens softbox and reflector. The flash provides a solution for every types of photography with his stable colour temperature of 5600K, his zoomable flash tube and his 60W modeling lamp.

Godox Parabolic Reflector P88 Kit

Godox Parabolic P88 light Focusing System realizes a distinctive way to shape your light. Thanks to the engineering preciseness and pursuit of excellence. The 24 -brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could.
The focus system gives you great light variations from just one modifier.
You will be impressed by the magnificent light effects that’s provided. Shadows being cast in a sense of gorgeous sculpturing for elegant dimensionality

Godox Pro Standard Reflector 65º

This Godox Standard Reflector has a diameter of 21 centimetres and is equipped with a Bowens-mount. The reflector provides a light beam spread of 65 degrees.

Godox 105cm Parabolic Umbrella Black&White

The new Godox Parabolic umbrella series helps you to create the ultimate light shaping. Versatile and portable, parabolic umbrellas generate an endless source of artistic expression.
Different from regular umbrellas, parabolic umbrellas enable direct control on contrast, saturation and shadow-edge graduation of the subject.