Godox Pro Standard Reflector 65º

Godox Pro Standard Reflector 65º
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This Godox Standard Reflector has a diameter of 21 centimetres and is equipped with a Bowens-mount. The reflector provides a light beam spread of 65 degrees.


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Godox Ring Flash Head P2400

For portrait and fashion photgraphers, the details are what matters.
The 2400Ws on-axis light source delivers beautiful highlight without harsness and renders even illumination while maintaining enhanced details. With 40W modeling light it helps you get the prevision of flash effects and also helps te contract the pupil and thus avoid the redeyes of the model. The circular flash tube wille produce beautiful catchlight in the model’s eyes making it perfect for portrait and fashion photography.
Godox Pro Snoot

The Godox Pro Snoot is designed for both Godox monolights and flash heads with Bowens mount from other manufacturers. The snoot has a diameter of 8 centimeter for a narrow and focused beam.

Godox P2400

The Godox P2400 is a powerful energy source made for the H2400P flash head. This unit is one of the fastest studio flash pack ever made. it can recycle a power of 2400Ws in less then a second and propose a flash duration up to 1/17800 s.