Godox Pro Snoot

Godox Pro Snoot
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The Godox Pro Snoot is designed for both Godox monolights and flash heads with Bowens mount from other manufacturers. The snoot has a diameter of 8 centimeter for a narrow and focused beam.


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Godox H2400P

The Godox H2400P Flash Head is a 2400Ws powerful studio flash with a fast recycling times from 0.7 s. The Godox H2400P is Bowens Mount, so it can fit most of the accessories such as Bowens softbox and reflector. The flash provides a solution for every types of photography with his stable colour temperature of 5600K, his zoomable flash tube and his 60W modeling lamp.

Godox Quick Release Parabolic Softbox QR-P90

Godox Quick-Release parabolic softbox adops an impressive, sturdy quick release system for rapid setup & breakdown. Highly versatile and compatble, it provides you reliable light quality and various creative expressions. Available in three different sizes, this fast and easy to use softbox is an ideal tool for both indoor studio shoots, as location shoots.

Godox Pro Beauty Dish

The beauty dish distributes light towards a focal point. The light created is between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wrapped, contrasted look, which adds a more dramastic effect.It accentuates facial features and textures while creating beautiful shadows and catch lights. A perfect lighting shaping tool for portrait, cosmetic and fashion photographers.
Godox P2400

The Godox P2400 is a powerful energy source made for the H2400P flash head. This unit is one of the fastest studio flash pack ever made. it can recycle a power of 2400Ws in less then a second and propose a flash duration up to 1/17800 s.