Eizo CS2740 ColorEdge

Eizo CS2740 ColorEdge
SKU: CS2740

UHD 4K resolution for videographers, maximum sharpness for photographers, absolute precision and rich colours for all. CS2740, the allrounder from the CS series with a USB-C port, forms the visual core of any digital, colour-accurate workflow.

27″, 16:9, 3840×2160 (4K UHD), wide gamut, IPS LCD, 350 cd/sqm, USB-C (DisplayPort alt), Display Port, HDMI, incl. ColorNavigator, color: black


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Eizo CS2410 ColorEdge

The ColorEdge CS2410 is the introductory model in EIZO’s graphics monitor series.

24″, 16:10, 1920×1200, IPS LCD, LED BLU, 300 cd/sqm, Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D, incl. ColorNavigator, color: black

Eizo CG2700X ColorEdge

The CG2700X is the ideal 4K monitor for the most demanding creatives.

27″, 16:9, 3840×2160, wide gamut, IPS LCD, calibration sensor, 500 cd/sqm, USB-C (DisplayPort alt), Display Port, HDMI, incl. ColorNavigator, color: black

Eizo CG2420 ColorEdge

The CG2420’s strength lies in one simple principle: it shows things just as they are. That is all down to the Eizo microprocessor, which was developed in-house and ensures precise colour rendering and calibration.

24″, 16:10, 1920×1200, wide gamut, IPS LCD, LED BLU, calibration sensor, 400 cd/sqm, HDMI, DVI-D and Display port, incl. ColorNavigator, color: black

Eizo CG319X ColorEdge

The CG319X offers distinct advantages in the 4K video world and for photographers and graphic designers: extremely sharp representation of images thanks to resolution of 149ppi.

31″, 17:9, 4K-DCI, 4096×2160, wide gamut, IPS LCD, calibration sensor, 350 cd/sqm, 2xDisplay Port, 2xHDMI, incl. ColorNavigator, color: black