WANDRD THE PRVKE 41-Liter Photo Bundle Black V3

WANDRD THE PRVKE 41-Liter Photo Bundle Black V3

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The Wandrd Prvke brings comfort, durability, style and an intuitive design together in one backpack. The bag is made of water-resistant tarpaulin and thick nylon. The zippers are also water resistant, so that all your equipment is always safely protected against the elements.

The Wandrd backpack is characterized by many useful extras. The magnetic handles make carrying easy and comfortable and offer the possibility to tie your jacket underneath. You can easily store your water bottle or travel tripod in a pull-out compartment on the side. You will never lose lens caps again by securing them behind the elastic band attached to the shoulder strap.
There is room for all your accessories and travel necessities in the Prvke. The bag is equipped with special compartments for your passport, smartphone, keys and a special storage compartment for batteries and memory cards in the flap of the backpack. You can easily put a book, magazines or even a bicycle lock in the spacious front pocket.
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