and take advantage of special promotions on selected Eizo and Canon products the day of the event.


What can I expect from this event ?

We are happy to announce our second event in collaboration with two flagship brands in the market: Eizo and Canon. During the learn session, the two brands experts will share insights and some tips in their respective fields—monitors and printers — about color management and how to get pictures with a perfect color accuracy. The experts will also answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate !

The event will take place in our studios, and three sessions will be organized. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

🖥️ First part of the session with Eizo experts, where they will demonstrate how to master color management in the digital workflow. They will also share some valuable tips on handling colors for web content—a crucial topic in today’s digital era. Lastly, they’ll showcase their ColorEdge Monitors, both the CS and the CG, comparing them so you can find the one that suits your professional projects best!

🖨️ For the second part of the session, we will hand over to Canon, who will conclude the event as the printer is the final step in the creation of a picture. They’ll discuss color management, but this time specifically focusing on the printing phase and how to print photos while maintaining perfect colors.

Choose the schedule that suits you best and mark “50.8 Shop event” on your calendar for December 18th. And for those who are not available, I hear that we might have a surprise for you!

Make sure not to miss the chance to refine your skills and learn from the brands experts !