The Fujifilm Instax is a beloved instant film camera and printer series known for its compact design and ability to capture and print memories in an instant.

With a vintage-inspired aesthetic, the Instax merges the nostalgia of analog photography with the convenience of modern technology. Its user-friendly operation and various models, each with unique features, make it a popular choice for capturing and sharing moments with friends and family.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, the Instax offers a delightful and creative way to preserve cherished memories.

Are you Instax Mini, Square or Wide ?

The Fujifilm Instax camera range offers a variety of models to suit different preferences and shooting styles. The Instax Mini series is the most well-known and widely used, featuring compact and portable cameras that produce small credit card-sized prints. These cameras are great for everyday use, parties, and events, allowing you to share physical prints with friends and family on the spot.

For those looking for larger prints, the Instax Square series offers a square format reminiscent of classic Polaroid cameras. The larger format provides more space for creative compositions and allows for more detailed and vibrant prints. The Instax Square cameras also feature additional shooting modes, such as double exposure and bulb mode, enabling photographers to experiment with their creativity.

Furthermore, the Instax Wide series caters to those who prefer larger prints resembling traditional instant film. These cameras produce prints that are nearly twice the size of the Instax Mini, making them ideal for capturing group photos, landscapes, and other subjects that benefit from a larger format.

Instax Mini 12

Loaded with features and easy-to-use controls, the fun-filled INSTAX mini 12 instant camera is bursting with joy, creativity and color.

Instax Mini 40

The instax mini 40 is truly a stylish product for all generations of image makers and today’s photographers. By combining “simple” functions with a classic retro look, you will always be one step ahead with this new product.

Instax Square SQ1

Designed to appeal, the SQUARE SQ1 embraces simplicity in function and design, to effortlessly produce square photos, for a bigger world in square* format. More space for expression. More pleasure. More friends. More potential.

Instax Square SQ40

Unleash once-in-a-lifetime moments of creativity with the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40: an eternally chic instant camera that looks as good as it does for taking great photos.

Instax Wide 300

We believe there is room for more. And with instax WIDE 300, we give you even more. Twice as much, in fact.


Instax Hybrid


The best of both worlds, numeric and analog

With the hybrid range, Fujifilm Instax offer the best of both world numeric and analog where a top-of-the-line numeric camera meets an instant printer.

Turn the lens to cycle or twist the film dial to play with effects and filters that offer thousand of possibilities to make your image unique.
View your photo and decide if you print it.
And with the built-in bluetooth, connect your smartphone and use your hybrid camera as a printer to print image from you smartphone photo library.

Instax Mini Evo Type C

A top-of-the-line camera meets an instant printer packed with fun filters and effects. The latest Evo-lution of hybrid instant camera/printer gives you endless possibilities to create and share.

Instax Mini Evo Brown Type C

When the top-of-the-line camera meets an instant printer packed with fun filters and effects. The latest Evo-lution of hybrid instant camera/printer gives you endless possibilities to create and share.


Instax Link Printers

Get physical with your digital memories. Print instantly from your Smartphone.

Instax Mini Link 2

Printing? Check. Fun features? Double check. Boundless creativity? Boundless checks. Take your prints to the next level with instaxAiR™, a whole new way to interact with your prints.

Instax Link Square

Give your creativity new shape with the fascinating instax SQUARE Link™ Smartphone Printer. With AR features and new ways to connect, your favorite moments are about to burst out of their frame.

Instax Link Wide

Fit more print in your print, play with more features like QR-code enabled effects and print more copies of your pics with multi-print. That all means more to love and more to share with the exclusively inclusive instax Link WIDE™ Smartphone Printer. 


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