Area51 Tether Co.

Area51 Tether Co. cables & camera equipment are made for industrial-strength application and performance with premium materials to provide a secure, fast, and stable connection no matter where your adventure takes you.

They develop and deliver fast, secure, and stable connections while using only the highest-grade materials, insulation, and craftsmanship. They put their cables through extensive months of vigorous high-pressure stress testing in the field with on-the-ground digital techs and top photographers before ever releasing them.

That’s why after only 2 years Area51 Tether Co. quickly become a reference in tethering photography.


Up to 19 meters in length

Using hybrid optical technology, the Area51 Tether Co. PRO+ cable is available in 9.5 meter lengths.With the Sandia XL Pro+ 9.5 meter extension, Area51 Tether Co. offers up to 19 meters in length to handle all possible situations at your shooting location.




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